Maze of the Blue Medusa… The Black Hack Campaign

The Pitch By treachery and steel, you have acquired the oil painting titled False Chanterelle. Here in your hideout, you have a moment to examine it, as moonlight pours through the glass ceiling above. The rumors were true; it is shamefully perverse, mildly significant, and not very good. However, it is valuable, and you know […]

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Reviewing the End of the World (RPG) Part 2

Our first game session was a success! Everyone had fun and we’re going to return to the zombie apocalypse in a few weeks. We spent an hour doing character creation and reviewing the rules. The night before I spent about 30 minutes listing some events and writing some news headlines for the TV. Some of […]

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Exploring the Darkest Dungeon

Last night I played Darkest Dungeon for about 2 hours. The plan was to write some content for Stormlord Publishing, but… this was shiny. Or rather, dark and horrifically excellent. There’s an opening monologue/backstory, which sets the stage,¬†and then there’s a brief introduction to the basics of play. It does, however, dump you right into […]

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Reviewing The End of the World (RPG) – Part 1

The End of the World is a series of roleplaying game books by Fantasy Flight Games, based upon a popular Spanish game, El Fin del Mundo. The first in the series, Zombie Apocalypse, will be the focus of this multi-part review. The future books in the series will include Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion, […]

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Spellsurge for Dungeon Crawl Classics

Always give your players more than one way to bypass an obstacle, overcome a foe, or solve a puzzle. In the upcoming adventure The Treasure Vaults of Zadabad, which I co-wrote with Eric Hoffman, there are a few instances where the Rod of the Crescent Moon is required to open portals around the island. It’s […]

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